Because we follow our Best Route policy, you will only be charged the fairest cab fare during your time of service with City Cab. We don’t take advantage of tourists and their hard-earned money. We strictly follow City of Myrtle Beach regulations of a $3.50 drop rate and $3.6 per mile with a dollar extra a person, and $.45 per minute wait time, and unless otherwise requested we always take the shortest route available. We also offer great out of town rates that can’t be beat.

Our local drivers are specially trained to know the local routes. The main thoroughfares of Business 17, Bypass 17 and Highway 501 experience increased summer traffic flow and are now also undergoing construction. To expedite your arrival time, we can detour these highways like the locals do on their commute. Whenever these alternate routes can be used, our drivers will include these local shortcuts into your trip to ensure your Best Route is as efficient and your fare is as low as possible. In fact, City Cab drivers are given incentives to ensure your trip is optimized for a speedy arrival.

Fare is calculated by using the latest in taxi meter technology which the city of Myrtle Beach inspects every year. Drivers will always notify customers of the rates, so there are no problems, confusions or misunderstandings regarding the fees. We will also accept payment via the Square mobile app, PayPal, Venmo and arrange a prepay transaction, if needed. All major credit cards are accepted. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and even American Express.

City Cab also takes into account the special, customized needs of some of our customers, so we offer a 10% discount for large groups (at least 10 passengers), members of the military (military ID required), and for locals with local ID. If you would like to take advantage of these discounts please ask for them when booking a ride, so that we can notify the driver. We also welcome corporate accounts that allow for easy billing options to make things easier for both our passengers and drivers.

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At City Cab, we don’t just consider our team a crew of drivers, but also a staff of exceptionally trained personal concierges, who can accommodate a variety of service requests in this busy resort destination. In fact, we can guide you on a customized sightseeing tour. 

Call us if you and a few friends or family members need a ride to Myrtle Beach International Airport. It’s more economical than shuttles – plus, it’s more personal and private, rather than sharing a ride with strangers in a shuttle. 

Myrtle Beach is an entertainment mecca! Call us if you need a ride to any of the many theatres, attractions, amusements, cultural venues or shopping districts in town. We can even help you find a show that’s best for your party and your budget or the boutiques that will best suit your shopping musts.

Have a loved one in need of a ride to a medical appointment? (Or are you?) We’re happy to pick you up and make sure you get to any non-emergency medical visits, dialysis treatments, outpatient surgeries and hospital checkouts. 

If you’re in a pinch, you can trust us to transport your most precious cargo (children, close friends or relatives) directly to their destination safely, without any hassles or worries. And locals can count on us to be there when they call us to help finish their errands around town. We’ll even help you load the groceries! 

And we should be the first to call for any of your group outings – from golf trips to parties and special events. We’ll even recommend the best courses for your group’s golf skills and a bar hopping plan for that night. We prefer to be your designated driver. 

All of our taxis are minivans and can hold up to 6 passengers each. Under NO circumstance we will load more than that, as this is a danger to not only us but you, our customer as well. Unlike uber, South Carolina state law does have us classified as a commercial vehicle, therefore we carseats are not required when riding with us. However, if you would like to use them you are more than welcome to. We do NOT provide carseats ourselves

We’re here for you 24/7! Call us now to book your ride!