Some say the drive is about the destination, but we know better than that. For us, it’s about the journey. And we take each and every drive – every route – seriously for our clients. And we know that’s important to whomever climbs into one of our vehicles. Because we also know it’s important to trust who is behind the wheel of a taxi cab.

Here at City Cab, we’re ready to take care of you while you’re visiting the Myrtle Beach area – for whatever journey or adventure you decide to explore, from Little River to Georgetown and west of the Waccamaw River. It’s one less stress while you’re away from home in new territory and on unfamiliar roads.

We, however, know these roads oh so well and can accommodate visitors with ease. Clients have
entrusted us with miles upon miles of our local travel knowledge since 2008. It’s a matter of trust we take seriously, because we also like to get to know you in this working relationship. “City” may be in our name, but our roots are in the South, so we follow the Golden Rule of Southern hospitality. In fact, we’re known to have return clients who book us while they’re here in Myrtle Beach, year after year.

All drivers in our crew are loyal members of the City Cab family – and are committed to treating clients like they’re members of the family, too. Drivers are professionally trained and personable, with all of the proper safety certifications and background checks. There is no question that you’re in good hands when our hands are on the wheel. This is a family-owned business and we understand the needs and concerns of all clients – from your children, who may need a ride home from a friend’s house, to females traveling alone, who need to feel safe.

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The family-owned company of City Cab isn’t merely here to drive you back and forth from point A to point B. We’re here in this business to build relationships with you, our client. And to do that, we are committed to delivering the following components of customer service to you:

Good communication: A pleasant conversation goes a long way when you’re visiting a new location, and communicating well with our passengers will help you find your way around without any hassle – even help you learn a thing or two about the Myrtle Beach area with our wealth of knowledge on this amazing destination.

Years of experience: City Cab has been around for eight years and our drivers have a combined 35+ years of experience that have safely delivered clients to their requested destination. This means reliability and dependability like no other cab company, and a comprehensive knowledge of Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas. 

Honesty: We pride ourselves on our reputation as a trustworthy cab company. We think it’s essential in this business: to drive a passenger to a certain destination without taking a longer route just to charge customers with a higher fare. No cab driver should take advantage of their customers, especially when they’re not familiar with this city. Aside from this, we care for your welfare. It’s our responsibility as cab drivers.

Respectful courtesy: Our customers always feel at ease while inside any of our vehicles for any amount of travel time. Nobody likes a driver who is grumpy and keeps on ranting the whole time. Friendliness is our first priority.

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