It’s a known fact, unfortunately, that some taxi companies out there – even here in Myrtle Beach take advantage of good, paying customers. Customers like you. They’ll take the longer routes for taxi services so they can maximize the fare per ride – and maximize the money they put back in their pocket while you’re on vacation. It’s a term in the business called long hauling.

But At City Cab, our main concern is you, the client, and building a relationship with you, which cannot happen without trust. And that cannot happen with the practice of long hauling. You can trust our drivers, who will ensure your cab ride is the Best Route for you. That means we are open and honest with you, by allowing you to decide whether you would like to take a route that may be longer, but more convenient because it detours around busy traffic and construction zones, or one that’s more direct, but may take longer to get to your destination because it cuts right through the heart of Myrtle Beach congestion at certain peak hours.

Myrtle Beach is one of the largest tourist destinations in the United States. Which means that, with 16 million visitors swarming our coastline during the summer months each year, our main thoroughfares during peak afternoon hours can get quite congested, which can extend the trip time.

The main thoroughfares of Business 17, Bypass 17 and Highway 501 experience increased summer traffic flow and are now also undergoing construction. To expedite your arrival time, we can detour these highways like the locals do on their commute. Whenever these alternate routes can be used, our drivers will include these local shortcuts into your trip to ensure your Best Route is as efficient and your fare is as low as possible. 

Our drivers Always take the shortest routes

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Safety comes first for City Cab of Myrtle Beach. We require all drivers to complete a formal driver training program, including passenger safety and defensive driving. All drivers are properly licensed with the South Carolina Department of Transportation and legally insured. We also conduct complete background checks, as well as random drug testing to ensure added safety and reliability. Our team of taxi drivers, are not only professionally trained, but also courteous and committed to vehicle parts, such as the lights and windshield wipers. City Cab drivers are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the interior and exterior of the car. All of our taxi cabs are smoke free. First impressions are important, after all, to have our customers return for a ride.

Each of our taxis are mechanically inspected annually and regularly maintained every 10 to 14 days. A vehicle tune-up is performed every 30 days. And for added safety and security, in light of the recent Uber headlines, we have installed dashboard cameras to ensure that each trip is recorded.

Lastly, City Cab drivers are familiar with metro Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area, which includes our 60 miles of coastline from Little River to Georgetown. That’s so we can bring you safely to any location. Our navigational knowledge extends into many different routes.

Your safety is our priority! 

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